Our Story

Our story begins over 65 years ago in 1955 when Dwight’s father, Henry, began a career as a custom home builder, serving the communities of Summit and Stark counties in northeast Ohio. Henry was hands-on, personally performing much of the work himself. Dwight grew up in the business, assisting his father and learned all aspects of new home construction. Since his father’s retirement in early 1990 Dwight and his sister Henrietta have assumed full responsibility of the business.
Today we employ a core group of committed skilled artisans – from stone masons and finish woodwork carpenters to painters and tile setters – all of whom work toward the common goal of constructing exceptional homes for discriminating customers.

Experience, Knowledge, and Skilled Craftsmanship

There is no substitute for experience and knowledge when tasked with building a custom home. Many, if not most, of our tradesmen represent the second generation of family practice in their respective field. Often, the techniques and intricacies of their craft – knowledge – have been passed to them by a father, uncle, or cousin. While apprenticing under these teachers they have been challenged to execute increasingly complex tasks thereby gaining valuable experience and becoming skilled in their craft. A well-built home is the culmination of experience, knowledge, and skilled craftsmanship.

Vision, Creativity and Skill

Having a custom home built from the ground up is a dream come true when you involve a professional builder with the requisite Experience, Knowledge, and Skilled Craftsmanship. With vision, creativity, and skill our team builds quality into every home. This kind of quality is as tangible as it is intangible. You can see it in the materials used – always the best for the situation. More interestingly you can feel it. There’s an unmistakable sense of integrity in a well-built home.

Our Team

Dwight Yoder is a native of northeast Ohio from Stark County, and resides in Uniontown with his wife Ann Marie. He is the President of Yoder Group and has 30 years of real estate experience in both the residential and commercial sectors. Dwight holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Akron and completed graduate civil engineering studies at the University of Cincinnati. He has worked as a consulting engineer for state and municipal government agencies and for private real estate developers and corporations. From 2012-2018 he served on the City of Green Planning & Zoning Commission guiding it as chairman for 2 years.
Henrietta LuCore has been with the company since 1994. She handles bookkeeping and accounting while also organizing and coordinating product selection throughout the build process. Henrietta and her husband Richard live in North Canton and are the parents of three adult sons.
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